The Debian games team tries to have regular meetings to ensure team cohesiveness, coordination and integration of new members.

The meeting is on #debian-games at

Organising meetings

The meeting wiki page should be the first item in the IRC channel topic.

Each meeting should be organised by a different member of the team. A volunteer should be chosen at the meeting before if possible.

Each meeting should have an agenda written on the wiki page before the meeting starts. See "Add a new meeting" under "Previous and planned meetings" lower on this page.

Each meeting date should be decided using a poll system like dudle several weeks beforehand. When adding meeting options, Saturday and Sunday appear to be the most popular choices - perhaps just choose them. You can add as many time slots as you like, but it's probably worth sticking to morning+evening UTC for entries. It is a good idea to enable the timezone option so that people can know the times in timezone.

Each meeting should be 1-2 months apart.

Meetings need promotion to get new folks interested. The organiser should ask team members to get involved with blogging, microblogging, letting other distros know, and whatever other promotion they can manage. We want to mention it at least on Planet Debian, Planet Ubuntu, identica and perhaps on some Linux gaming sites/blogs. To propose a message on the official Debian identica account, please propose a dent on the #debian-publicity IRC channel. If you want to use a short URL in dents/tweets, please use To update the redirect location, please login to alioth via ssh and run this command:

~bzed/godebian-client/update_static_url gamesmeet

Where possible, announce (via email/irc) two days before the meeting so people know it's 'real soon now'.

Running meetings

Each meeting should be MeetBot-chaired, probably by the meeting organiser. The chair is responsible for keeping everyone to the agenda.

Meetings should begin with a round of introductions, then check the action items from previous meetings. Try to keep introductions under 10 minutes or you'll run out of time for meeting.

It seems to work best if the meeting is kept to around 3 major discussion topics, with another 2 or 3 'on the side' in case the meeting runs short. These items can become the base of the next meeting.

Each meeting should end with a decision about who is going to organise the next meeting, ideally someone different each time. Having those who have organised update this page will help reduce the effort for all organisers. If no-one at the meeting wants to organise the next meeting, there will be no meetings until someone takes the initiative to do so.

Further discussion, Debian related discussion and other off-topic discussion can happen after the meeting has closed.

After the meeting

After each meeting the meeting coordinator should update the wiki page for the meeting with what was actually discussed in the agenda and add links to meetbot.d.n for the meeting summary and log.

Previous and planned meetings

Add a new meeting

Use a name like '2011-03-10' here: