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LGeneral is a free software game engine and a turn-based strategy game in the tradition of Panzer General. It is possible to convert the original game data of Panzer General and to play the complete campaign. Unfortunately the game data is non-free and not suitable for distribution.

The long term goal should be to identify free game content for LGeneral. At the moment there is work in progress to create a free game data package for LGeneral based on the KuK-General mod by Steve ?McGuba.

LGeneral 1.2.3+dfsg-1 and later versions will work with the original Panzer General data but addons and scenarios offered on the official sourceforge homepage of lgeneral are not free, respectively are not licensed and can't be used for a free data package.


You have to add contrib to your sources.list and install LGeneral the usual way.

aptitude install lgeneral

To play the old Panzer General campaign you have to install lgc-pg. This tool converts the original game data to LGeneral's native file format. The tool is already a dependency of the lgeneral package.


Create a data package with game-data-packager

If you own a copy of Panzer General yourself, you can simply use game-data-packager to download the original files and convert them to LGeneral's native file format.

game-data-packager lgeneral -w 

This will create a Debian package in your current working directory. You can install it like that:

dpkg -i lgeneral-data-nonfree_33_all.deb

Converts all data from the original CD-ROM

lgc-pg -s /mnt/windows/DAT /usr/share/games/lgeneral

pg-data.tar.gz from

Download the pg-data.tar.gz and extract it. Then use lgc-pg to convert the data.

lgc-pg -s pg-data /usr/share/games/lgeneral


Start the game. The ingame menu is visible if you make a right-click with your mouse. The following options are available.

If you experience problems with your screen resolution you can change it under options. 1024x768 in fullscreen is sufficient to enjoy the game. Finally you can choose to start the campaign or to load a single scenario.

The first step is to deploy your forces and to change the starting position. As the game is turn-based you have to move your units first by left-clicking on them and sending them to a hexagon field in reach. If this field adjoins with an enemy unit you can optionally attack it. A red crosshair will show up and signal that your unit is prepared to attack.

Most of the time LGeneral is a race against your turn limit. The more skilled you are in prevailing against your enemy the more units will join you in the ongoing campaign and new opportunities will arise to change the course of further battles.

Tips & Tricks

Coming soon.


The original source tarball at has to be repacked because it contains non-free files.

Included are the sources for:

  1. lgeneral
  2. lgc-pg
  3. lgeneral-redit
  4. lged
  5. shptool
  6. ltrextract

The developer of LGeneral has confirmed that lgeneral-redit is obsolete nowadays. The same goes for lged, shptool and ltrextract. These are command line tools which can manipulate the conversion of the original Panzer General files into LGeneral's native file format. The command line tools build from source, lgeneral-redit does not. It seems neither compatible with GTK-2 nor GTK-3.


Official Homepage of LGeneral

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