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 * quake-lib-stub in old Debian releases
 * [http://packages.debian.org/int-fiction-installer int-fiction-installer]

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The [wiki:?Games/Development/DataLoader ?DataLoader] project has as goals the following:

  • provide a way to make the package management aware of non-official packages so the game can depend on them
    • non-free data files (e.g.: quake3 data-files)
    • local data files (e.g.: Ooilte OXP packages)
  • create some meta-packages for the unofficial packages which, if uninstalled will remove all the files installed unofficially

The non-official packages could be created from tarballs fetched from:

  • http servers
  • ftp servers
  • local filesystem
  • CD-s
  • subversion repositories? (both https:// and svn+ssh://)

Examples/Prior work