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 * [[https://www.gog.com/mix/games_supported_by_debians_gamedatapackager|list of games sold at GOG.com]]

Various games are divided into two logical parts: engine and data. Often the engine and data are licenced in different ways, such that only one half can be distributed in Debian.

game-data-packager is a tool which builds .deb files for game data which cannot be distributed in Debian (such as commercial game data).

At the moment, game-data-packager has support for building debs for various games from the Doom, Quake, Heretic & Wolfenstein franchises and others like Rise of the Triad or Tyrian.


This is arranged in an approximate difficulty order: items nearest the top are the easiest ones. Please feel free to open discussions about this on the debian-devel-games list.

play the games

  • just play the games, or let your 'Q.A. team' (=children/friends) do it, notice what doesn't work as expected and file bugs against GDP or the various game engines

draw or locate some DFSG-compliant icons

  • the package generated by GDP that provides .desktop files also needs icons, e.g.: wads for doom-like engines, ScummVM games
  • the single-game engines, like Tyrian, ROTT doesn't need extra icons

adding new games

  • have a look at adding_a_game.mdwn & the existing .yaml files to see how it works

  • please start with the English version for consistency
  • game-data-packager make-template will automate a lot of work; it can also directly process setup_...exe files provided by GOG.com

  • each individual requested game should have it's own bug Nr, with attributes wishlist & newcomer. Adding a new game is quite trivial, as long as no changes are needed to the python module.

adding demo versions to existing game

  • check first that the demo actually work with the engine !
  • check that the demo is not just a dumb "non-interactive" slideshow, but at least provides some of the full game functionality
  • the demo will likely share similar file names, you must rename the files in size_and_md5 appropriately: make && make check will tell you which files were defined twice with different size/md5.

  • use install_as: instructions in files: dict for all rename files

adding translations to existing game

  • like for the demos, you'll have to check one-by-one that files got dubbed or not
  • all languages are welcome, not only the ones that some online seller found interesting to sell


  • test the new python/yaml engine extensively
  • add a testsuite that builds everything available
  • check for regressions

Add a nice GUI

  • should likely uses Python-GI, as already used by the Doom2-?MasterLevels launcher provided by GDP

Hurt me plenty

  • reverse engineer patch.exe & patch.rtp (RTPatch by Pocket Soft)

  • reverse engineer Wise installer used by RTCW (several bits of code are floating around the web, some in Pascal)