The purpose of the Debian Games Team is to coordinate, share common problems and solutions and even in some cases be able to maintain games collaboratively. There is a [ project in Alioth] and the irc channel #debian-games on created for that purpose.

The coordination of this project happens on the [ debian-devel-games] mailing list. There are also two additional lists: [ pkg-games-devel] ([ subscribe]), which is used for bug reports, and [ pkg-games-commits] ([ subscribe]) to track changes made to the subversion repository.

The main goals of the project are:

Get Involved


Non-packaging work


Debian Developers

Developer's resources

Internal pages

Game Packages

Most of our game packages should be in [wiki:Games/SVN our subversion repository], but some of them might not be yet there. The list below is certainly outdated. The DFSG free games are located [ under packages/trunk].


In ["Games/Links"] you can find links to web pages and blogs that can be useful in following the state of the art in Linux Games and in Free Games in general.