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 * Create/replace non-free media contents with [[http://http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Games/Resources|free contents]] in non-free packages or for games not yet in Debian.  * Create/replace non-free media contents with [[http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Games/Resources|free contents]] in non-free packages or for games not yet in Debian.
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 * [[Games/triplane]]

The purpose of the Debian Games Team is to coordinate, share common problems and solutions and even in some cases be able to maintain games collaboratively. There is a project in Alioth and the irc channel #debian-games on irc.debian.org created for that purpose.

The coordination of this project happens on the debian-devel-games mailing list. There are also two additional lists: pkg-games-devel (subscribe), which is used for bug reports, and pkg-games-commits (subscribe) to track changes made to the subversion and git repositories.

The main goals of the project are:

  • Maintaining games collaboratively, as they tend to share/tool many points in common.
  • "Scale economy" benefits: maintaining more packages, quicker and with less effort.
  • Open a way towards a larger involvement in Debian project to people maintaining just one or few games.
  • Quick-fixing of security issues common to games.
  • Discussion of problems and facts relative to game packaging.
  • Discussion of how the DFSG might be interpreted regarding multimedia contents and artwork in games.
  • Identify important games that are not packaged yet and package them.
  • Identify games that we were only maintaining out of inertia, and consider dropping them.
  • Make it easier for users to know the games available in Debian, maybe with some game selector interface, a web page, screenshots or whatever.
  • Collaborative maintenance of common infrastructure libs, like SDL.
  • Collaborative initial packaging of huge new games, like GPLed Nexuiz first-person shooter.
  • Handling licensing problems relative to games. Maybe even replacing non-free bits with DFSG-free content.

Get Involved


Non-packaging work


  • QA reports: PET DDPO

  • Evaluate and eventually package one of the Games/Suggested.

  • Fix open bugs which are present in Debian Games Team's packages.

  • Fix lintian warnings and errors which are present in Debian Games Team's packages.

  • Help with utnubu-tization and backport changes into sid. (Dead link)

  • look at packages from other distros for new games and to see if they have any supplemental patches. Use whohas for existing games.

  • Develop a Games/Policy applying to all games, to ensure QA, and enforce it, e.g. using lintian checks.

Debian Developers

Developer's resources

  • Games/VCS is a quick reference for working with the pkg-games git and SVN repositores.

  • In Games/Suggested we maintain a list of games that seem suitable for packaging.

  • In Games/Unsuitable we list games that we cannot package for Debian main currently.

  • In Games/WNPP we maintain a list of orphaned, soon-to-be-packaged or requested games.

  • For instructions on building udeb packages (for the installer), see BuildingUDebs.

  • For details of Jon's master plan for doom packages, see Games/Doom

  • For commit activity and more details CIA is watching us.

  • In Games/-data is a draft about data packages.

Internal pages

Game Packages

For a user-centric page about games in Debian, see Game.

Most of our game packages should be in the git repositories or in the svn repositories. There's a chance that some might not be in any yet. The list below is certainly outdated. The DFSG free games are located under packages/trunk.


In Games/Links you can find links to web pages and blogs that can be useful in following the state of the art in Linux Games and in Free Games in general.