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 * In ["Games/WNPP"] we maintain a list of orphaned, soon-to-be-packaged or requested games.

The purpose of the Debian Games Team is to coordinate, share common problems and solutions and even in some cases be able to maintain games collaboratively. There is a [http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-games/ project in Alioth] created for that, and also a [http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/pkg-games-devel mailing list] for coordination.

The main goals of the project are:

  • Maintaining games collaboratively, as they tend to share many points in common.
  • "Scale economy" benefits: maintaining more packages, quicker an with less effort.
  • Open a way towards a larger involvement in Debian project to people maintaining just one or few games.
  • Quick-fixing of security issues common to games.
  • Discussion of problems and facts relative to game packaging.
  • Discussion of how to DFSG might be interpreted regarding multimedia contents and artwork in games.
  • Identify important games that are not packaged yet and package them.
  • Identify games that we were only maintainig out of inertia, and consider dropping them
  • Make it easier for users to know the games available in Debian, maybe with some game selector interface, a web page, screenshots or whatever.
  • Collaborative maintenance of common infrastructure libs, like SDL.
  • Collaborative initial packaging of huge new games, like GPLed Nexuiz first-person shooter.
  • Handling licensing problems relative to games. Maybe even replacing non-free bits with DFSG-free content.

Developer's resources

  • In ["Games/SVN"] is a quick reference for working with the pkg-games subversion repository
  • In ["?ProspectiveGamesInDebian"] we maintain a list of games that seem suitable for packaging

  • In ["?QualityGamesUnsuitableForDebian"] we list games that we cannot package for Debian main currently.

  • In ["Games/WNPP"] we maintain a list of orphaned, soon-to-be-packaged or requested games.

Games Package

  • ["Games/Boson"]
  • ["Games/freedoom"]
  • ["Games/Komi"]
  • ["Games/Late"]
  • ["Games/lincity-ng"]
  • ["Games/rrootage"]
  • ["Games/ppracer"]
  • ["Games/holotz-castle"]