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The upstream repository can be found on [[https://gitorious.org/cube2-data/cube2-data|gitorious.org]]. The upstream repository can be found on [[https://gitlab.com/cube2-data/cube2-data|gitlab.com]].

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Cube 2


Cube2 is a networked 3D first-person shooter game engine. It supports modern graphic effects and conveys a sense of fast-paced oldschool gameplay. The game client also works as the map editor. It is even possible to create and edit a map together with other people over a network connection.

The effects of Cube2 might be considered unsuitable for children.

Free content

The Debian package cube2-data contains several maps, one player model, textures and sounds and thus provides a playable demo to demonstrate the capabilities of the Cube2 engine. It is based on the Banabread game.

The upstream repository can be found on gitlab.com.