Ideas about creating DebianPureBlends for games, gamers, modders and game developers.

/!\ the blends folks already created a blends page for us:


Gamers generally prefer their games really up-to-date so the unstable version of any games blends will be more important.

Enhance the debtags facets to support better ways to search for games. eg multiplayer, touch support, smartphone games.

Revamp goplay with a newer, more flashier and awesome interface.

Work with Debian artists to come up with nice wallpaper etc.

Work with the X Strike Force and Xorg upstreams to fix graphical glitches etc.

Ask our users about which sets of games to include, which tools modders and developers are using.

Do regular screenshots and debtags parties to ensure our metadata are up-to-date.

Do regular playtesting, bug filing, bug fixing parties to keep our games high quality.

Invite Debian folks to join us.

Which blends?

Which software?

This should be based on surveying existing game developer communities for what they use.


Other games distributions/spins: