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## page was renamed from Hardware/Gamepad

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inline:Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome on Debian gamepad

inline:Portal/IDB/icon-game-32x32.png This article talk about gamepad installations. Installation can use two stages which are driver installation and device configuration. Generally, gamepads are detected automatically (native support). Technical words can be used but explained.



This part presente list of hardwares order by manufacturer. This list driver you to the chipset documentation and its driver. We recommand to get [:HowToIdentifyADevice:hardware identification].

List is composed with chipset name and its identification. List is grouped by manufacturer name and commercial name of your device.

USB Interface

  • Logitech RumblePad 2 [046d:c218] (native support)

Configure your device


Go in the next menu:

K > Settings > Peripherals > Joystick


  • Push all keys to see them in the dialog.
  • If necessary, you can calibrate your gamepad

Verify that works