GTK Primetime

A catalog of GTK/GNOME apps that provide basic Desktop Functionality to the user. See DebianDesktopEnvironmentMinimums for a list of basic requirements.

 * Gaim

 * Evolution

 * Epiphany or Galeon

 * Synaptic or GNOME Apt (see below)

 * GNOME Setup Tools (formally Ximian Setup Tools)

Undoubtable there will be many others added to the list as we refine the needs and goals of the project. Eventually this will need to be discussed in a more formal manner.


Synaptic is really cool. I think it the best one of all the frontends to apt. There is also gnome-apt. I really don't like it though. Kpackage has the advatage that it can be use for non-debs. People in other distros migreating to debian might find this usefull. Though you have to deal with the over head of running a kde app in gnome for gnome users

Although it is ideal to select a set of recommended Desktop Apps for GTK and GNOME. I would like to know if anyone would like to see these treated seperately. There are significant difference between a stock GTK app and a GNOME app. Notably the theme management is entirely different. I would like to see them seperated as stock GTK Apps are not dependant on the rest of the GNOME (DebianGnome) suite and can be used on resource weak machines. All of mine for instance. :)

To whoever started this page, thanks. I updated it a bit and fixed the typos for you.