GSoC 2019 Saif Abdul Cassim

Google Summer of Code 2019 was a wonderful experience. I attempted to package Kotlin 1.3.30 into Debian and to be honest I got pretty close. I have blogged about the progress and work yet to be done in this blog here.

All my work on kotlin directly can be found in this single repository here. An instruction on how to build it as it is now can also be found on the blog.

I have worked on packaging dependencies of Kotlin as well. The links to those can be found in the blog but I ll mention them here again:

The following from above have already been uploaded to the Debian NewQueue and they will then move into sid. The packages are

The remaining from the above work are already in sid(patched in kotlin; or the changes we done and pushed to sid directly by mentors) or they are being reviwed. I also worked on backporting a patch to gradle so that kotlin can use java9compile. The commits to the 2 features I backported are as follows:

All the above mentioned packages can be built from source by :

  1. cd /path/to/source/package
  2. debuild -b -rfakeroot -us -uc

I am planning on continuing the project and completing it and all updates will be posted in the same blog mentioned above. The blog also tells you how you can contribute to packaging Kotlin and what work is still left.

The following will be the link to the reports that I submitted to Debian regarding my progress.