Why a wiki page?

As you are working remotely, your mentor and other members of the free software community can't see exactly how you are working. People may make incorrect assumptions about what you know, whether you received a particular communication or whether you can do a particular task with the computer and software environment you have. Using the wiki helps us close these gaps.

Please create links whenever possible. Words in CamelCase automatically become links to pages of the same name. Linking is what the web and wikis are all about. People don't want to go to Google to find out what something means, link to the page about it.

Spend time creating your wiki page. Allow at least two hours to make a nice page. See the pages created by students we selected in previous years and consider how much time and effort went into them.

Not every mentor requires every detail on this list, check with your prospective mentor or the #debian-soc IRC channel if you are not sure if something is required. Don't be stressed if you can't answer some of these things. Some of the items are simply suggestions, although the more detail you are able to share, the more easily you will be able to connect with your mentor and the wider community.

Learn the basics of wiki syntax

Things to include about you and your project

Things to include in your project plan

How will you respond when things go wrong?