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See also: [["OpenGIS"]] See also: [[[OpenGIS]]]

The goal of the GPSTk project is to provide a world class, open source computing suite to the satellite navigation community.

GPSTk Library

The GPSTk library provides a number of models and algorithms found in GPS textbooks and classic papers, such as solving for the user position, or estimating atmospheric refraction. Common formats are supported as well, such as RINEX or SP-3. There are several categories of functions in the GPSTk library:

  • GPS time. Conversion among time representations such as MJD, GPS week and seconds of week, and many others.

  • Ephemeris calculations. Position and clock interpolation for both broadcast and precise ephemerides.

  • Atmospheric delay models. Includes ionosphere and troposphere models.

  • Position solution. Includes an implementation of a Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring algorithm.

  • Mathematics. Includes Matrix and Vector implementations, as well as interpolation and numerical integration.

  • Application framework. Includes processing command lines options, providing interactive help and working with file systems.


See also: ?[OpenGIS]