This page is an area where Debian developers and users can leave comments so that ?BrandenRobinson, DonArmstrong and BenjaminMakoHill can better represent the desires and hopes of the Project when they attend the GPL v3 Launch conference at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts on 16 and 17 January 2006.

Branden suggests drafting comments to answer questions along the following lines:

Do not feel compelled to comment on areas that don't interest you.

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Branden is monolingual in English, so comments left in other languages will have to be translated for him to understand them.

This is an example comment.

-- ?BrandenRobinson

At various points, people have wanted to base distributions on top of GPL-incompatible but still free (or arguably free) system components. GPLv2 makes this difficult, but it's not obvious that preventing this provides any benefits to the recipients of software. It would be advantageous to suggest that this situation be examined in GPLv3.

-- ?MatthewGarrett

Comment of siward :

Sorry about the formatting ; this is the first time i edit a wikipage. ALL OF THIS IS 'in my (not very well-informed) opinion'. My comments apply sometimes to GPL as a licence,

* What are the current GPL's strengths?

* What are the current GPL's deficiencies?

* Are there significant threats to software freedom that the current GPL does not address?

* Are there significant threats to software freedom that the current GPL does address ?

* Should a new GPL attempt to explicitly broaden its applicability

* What parts of the GPL are difficult to understand?

* If you have copyright in a GPL-licensed work,

:-) dict adjudictate to try and determine, as a court

* What part of the current GPL would you most like to see preserved as-is?

* What part of the current GPL would you most like to see changed?

* Is the time ripe for revising the GPL ?

* On balance, has the GPL been a benefit or a detriment to the Debian Project ?

*** Which improvements would you like to see in the new GPL ?

*** Which things do you think the FSF would like to change about Debian,


A couple of comments:

Thanks again for your comments. Your final suggestion is particularly noteworthy; in fact, as I recall, we have invited RMS to DebConf in the past (DC3 in Oslo at the very least), but he has declined. Still, we should keep trying!


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