Want to help improving the Debian GNOME packages? Here's how!

Bug reports

Most of the Quality Assurance work on the GNOME packages happens via Debian or upstream bug reports.

Filing good bug reports

Report GNOME bugs as you discover them, either directly upstream or in the Debian BTS, but make sure you follow these simple rules:

Triaging Debian bugs

Some of this is expanded at BugTriage

Systematic bug triaging

If you triage all bug reports in a particular source packages, note down the package and the current date in a Wiki page.

Miscellaneous other tasks

Here are some random tasks that should be accessible to anybody.

Computing dependencies from upstream series

We need a tool to generate the dependencies of binary packages in the meta-gnome2 source package; for example if the latest version of gedit in the 2.x series is 2.x.y, meta-gnome2 2.x.y.* should depend on gedit >= 2.x.y. This might need some checks with the Debian archives, epochs, and various hacks to match modules and module versions upstream. Frederic Peters wrote similar functionality for his GNOME 2.16 status page.