The overall process is creating a debian chroot and using the selective copying feature of rsync to create a pre-bootable target directory. Chroot is used to build xorg sdl and what ever binary that you choose. The target is created from the chroot directory a group of static directories ./chroot -> ./target ./target + ./rootfs -> iso or flash image.

The chroot consistes of the installed debian binaries and binaries that are build using the gccd build system. To create a debian portion of the chroot run the following command from the project home directory.

$> ./scripts/debootstrap etch /home/fatman/chroot

To build the custom binaries you will have to enter the chroot the following command:

$> ./scripts/

This has the dual purpose of entering the chroot and creating the directories needed to bind the gccd directory to gccd directories in the chroot.

This will create chroot that is usable but incomplete, to complete the chroot will will need to be completed as follows. Enter the chroot using

$> ./script/ and from the command line

localhost:/# apt-get -f install localhost:/# apt-get install bzip2 localhost:/# apt-get install g++ localhost:/# apt-get install libpng10-0 localhost:/# apt-get install libpng10-dev localhost:/# apt-get install libpng2 localhost:/# apt-get install libpng2-dev localhost:/# apt-get install libfontconfig1-dev

This will create the necessary link The process is creating a chroot and target directories.

chroot has to have enought packages to support the building xorg inside the chroot.

changed etch to support building xorg.

1) get the dpkg source files and build them dpkg-1.10.23 2) used deboostrap 2.3.0 with modifications Get and modify debootstrap- the biggest problem is the lack of MAKEDEV for some linux distros obtain MAKEDEV and place it in /etc modify the makefile get MAKEDEV-1.7 from in /dev/MAKEDEV 2) create chroot directory

II. building ?XOrg. an excellent souce about build xorg comes from the beyound linux from scratch project xorg requires freetype 2.1.0 fontconfig-2.3.2

once the chroot is built the standard debian commands apply

the following will need to be installed bzip2 g++-3.3