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  * [[http://bits.debian.org|Debian Blog]].
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  * [[http://news.debian.net/|Debian News]].

What's this?

The front page Debian-related news are a collection of headlines syndicating Debian-related sites. You have also to understand that this is a beta project to see if it's worthwhile to have related news around. Obviously, this news are displayed at FrontPage. The content is thrown into FrontPageNewsFeed and then included under the Include macro (thanks to Finn-Arne Johansen for this suggestion).


The engine used to process the feeds is Planet, being run each 6 hours, at 05, 11, 17 and 23 hrs, CST. After getting the content, WWW::Mechanize inserts it on this wiki. If you are interested on getting the source code used to fetch and save everything, feel free to mail me.


Any Debian related news website can be syndicated. They just have to provide Debian content quite often, and that's it. I really appreciate, in behalf of the Debian project, having so many nice unofficial Debian news sites: That's how our community gets stronger and stronger.

The current sites syndicated in the roll are:

If you want your website to be added, please contact me.

There are Ubuntu news! Horror!

No more Ubuntu news. See FrontPage/Discussion.