This wiki is a new, official [ Debian] resource. On [], there's a lot of older content available, and a number of people are working together with Michael Ivey, the administrator of, to see how to best combine both efforts. The goal is to migrate the content of to, and discontinue as it is now. Please see MigrationStatus for an updated overview.

Because of this migration in preparation/progress, any page existing on both wiki's will cause extra troubles migrating. Therefore, while the status of the migration is yet unclear, we kindly ask you to not create pages already existing on, and to not really fork any pages. This is especially valid for duplicating pages from

Completely new pages are no problem whatsoever, of course. For all other pages, you can continue to use [] for now, it's read/write again.


Debian Wiki

This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the Debian project. This entire wiki is under 'heavy' development. (i.e. it is far from finished).



Introduction and Resources

Getting Started

Updates, Applications and Packages

Apt (and Dpkg) is one of the core tool sets in Debian. Simply, these tools allow you to install applications, remove applications and keep Debian up to date!

The Desktop and Workstation

Network Services

The Command Line

System Administration


Development Area

This part of the wiki is for Debian Developers (and users too!)


This website is a Wiki. A Wiki is a collaborative site, anyone can contribute and share:

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Older Content

Why does this wiki exist, who is running it, and why isn't data from, which is until now used by the debian developers, migrated here? As far as I know the guy running wrote somewhere that he'd be happy to give's data away to the debian people... (asks and says HenningSprang)

To the best of my understanding, the problem is that it isn't trivial to migrate kwiki to moin moin -- but if someone comes up with a data.tar.gz or whatever it takes to unpack in containing the data, I think it isn't a problem to do the migration. Anyway, about who runs the wiki, this wiki is run by DSA, Debian's System Administration. ["Jeroen"]

All you had to do was ask. should work. Let me know if you need anything else. As an aside: even though I have been asking the DSA to take over the Wiki for over a would have been nice if someone had let me know it was happening. -- MichaelIvey (PS: Could someone keep us posted on the MigrationStatus)

I (?DavidRichardBell) am now starting to restructure this wiki and integrate the content from my own resources, and

RobertStoffers has his own moin-based wiki at and is intrested in working together. Thoughts?

I would like to point out that some of us use the Debian wiki for day-to-day user support and for purposes like organising real-life meetings. These things have deadlines. If remains locked while we're also encouraged not to duplicate pages to this wiki, and while time is spent on licensing, merging, and conversion with no apparent schedule and little apparent plan; then we will probably be forced to move those things to yet a third wiki. That would suck. Please do bear in mind that the wiki is a mission critical resource that some of us strongly rely on. (And thanks for providing it.) -- JoeyHess