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This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the Debian project. This entire wiki is under 'heavy' development. (i.e. it is far from finished).

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Introduction and Resources

Getting Started

Updates, Applications and Packages

Apt (and Dpkg) is one of the core tool sets in Debian. Simply, these tools allow you to install applications, remove applications and keep Debian up to date!

The Desktop and Workstation

Network Services

The Command Line

System Administration

Debian Subprojects

Development Area

This part of the wiki is for Debian Developers (and users too!)

About Debian Wiki

This website is a Wiki. A Wiki is a collaborative site, anyone can contribute and share. You need to be logged in to make changes.

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Discussion & Chat

It is very important to discuss about problems and ideas that concern this wiki. The root page for discussions is ?DiscussionsStarter.

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Notice about migration of this wiki

This wiki is a new, official [ Debian] resource, based on MoinMoinWiki. The contents of the now discontinued by MichaelIvey are now all converted (MigrationStatus) over to this wiki. Thank you all very much for your patience, and thanks for MichaelIvey for maintaining the previous wiki for so long. --["Jeroen"]

Please note that due to the conversion, a lot of content might not (yet) be easily findable, but it still exists. Use the search function before starting a new page!

?DotNetFrontPage is the last homepage, containing links to various migrated parts of this wiki. Its contents should be included in this FrontPage!