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 * [:NewInEtchSpanish:NewInEtch] - Features and stuff of Debian Etch 4.0


Welcome to the Debian Wiki!

[#users For Users]

[#developers For Developers]

[#community Community]

[#meta Meta]

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This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the [http://www.debian.org Debian] project, as well as a means of communication between developers. Like all wikis, this wiki is constantly changing and we welcome your edits. If you are looking for something in particular try FindPage.



For Users

  • [:DebianIntroduction:Introduction to Debian] - What is Debian? Where can I find Debian?

  • [:WhyDebian:Why Debian?] - Why choose Debian over another Unix/Linux?

  • [:DebianInstall:Installing Debian] - So, you want to install Debian?

  • [:UsingDebian:Using Debian] - Documentation, tips, and getting help

  • [:NewInEtchSpanish:NewInEtch] - Features and stuff of Debian Etch 4.0

  • [:Manual-Howto:Manual "How-to"] - How install and configure Debian package software, step by step (How to install web,ftp,mail,anti-spam servers. Flash and java plugins, etc.).


For developers

  • ["Teams"] - Information about internal Debian teams and subprojects
  • ?DeveloperTips - Tips for current and prospective Debian developers.

  • SponsorChecklist - Checklist for package sponsors

  • OngoingTransitions - Information about current package transitions in Debian.

  • ["Status/Unstable"] - Current problems in Unstable.
  • LowThresholdNmu - Packages that may be NMUd without waiting.

  • ["Proposals/CopyrightFormat"] - a proposal to make the debian/copyright file machine-interpretable





  • DebianWiki - about this wiki, how to log in and edit pages

  • ["DebianWiki/Administration"] - central place for the community to maintain the wiki as a whole.
  • ["FrontPage/Discussion"] - discussion about the contents of this page
  • [:FrontPage/Testing:Next version of this FrontPage]. (Under building)