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Debian Project has a place for many human knowledge kinds.


Welcome to the Debian Wiki!

[#news News]

For Users ?BR [#introduction Introduction] ?BR [#debiansystemdocumentation Documentation] ?BR [#manual-howto Manual & How-to] ?BR [#support Support] ?BR [#articles Articles & Guides] ?BR [#tipsandtricks Tips and Tricks] ?BR [#users more...]

For Developers ?BR [:LowThresholdNmu:NMU Packages List] ?BR ["Status/Unstable"] ?BR ["Usability"] ?BR [#subprojects Subprojects] ?BR [#developers more...]

Community ?BR [:DebianEvents:Events] ?BR [:DebianHistory:History] ?BR [#community Community Groups] ?BR [:LocalGroups:Local Groups] ?BR [:MeetDebian:Conferences] ?BR [#community more...]

Meta ?BR [:About:About this Wiki] ?BR [:HelpContents:Help] ?BR ["FrontPage/Discussion"] ?BR [:ListOfDebianWikis:Other Debian Wikis] ?BR [:ListOfLinuxWikis:Other Linux Wikis] ?BR

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This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the [http://www.debian.org Debian] project, as well as a means of communication between developers. Like all wikis, this wiki is constantly changing and we welcome your edits. If you are looking for something in particular try FindPage.

SpotLight: ["WhereIsIt"]

This page explains where to find the various stuff contained in your debian distribution.


Official and unofficial Debian-related news



For Users


  • [:DebianIntroduction:Introduction to Debian] - What is Debian? Where can I find Debian?

  • [:WhyDebian:Why Debian?] - Why choose Debian over another Unix/Linux?

  • [:DebianInstall:Installing Debian] - So, you want to install Debian?


  • [:Manual-Howto:Quickie: How-to Manual] - How to install and configure software on Debian. Step by step(from ftp, mail servers to simple programs).

?Anchor(debiansystemdocumentation) Debian System Documentation

?Anchor(support) Support

  • [:DebianHosting:Debian Hosting] - Want a Debian server online as fast as possible?

  • [:DebianSupport:Debian Support] - A list of places for getting help and the way they work

?Anchor(articles) Articles and Guides

  • ["Newbie"] - More information and Guides for Debian newbies.
  • ["DebianIRC"] - #debian IRC channel FAQ Wiki
  • [:From_Windows_To_Debian:From Windows To Debian] - Want to move to Debian from Windows? This guide is for you!
  • ["DebianReleases"] - How Debian releases work.

?Anchor(tipsandtricks) Tips And Tricks

  • [:TipChangeXBg:Change the default X background] - Change the default X background from the checkered grey pattern to solid black.


For developers

For contributors

  • ["DebianForNonCoderContributors"]

  • ["ToDo"] - things to do to improve Debian for newbies and noncoders in general.

  • ["?AppsProposed"] - A list of applications that could be included in Debian



  • ["ArmEabiPort"] - Project for the creation of a new [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture ARM architecture] (see page for why)

  • ["DebianDesktop"] - Debian Desktop is Debian...for you Desktop environment or window manager!

  • ["DebianInstaller"] - Developing the installation system.

  • DebianLive - Debian in a ["LiveCD"] or ["USB"] key; and use of DebianInstaller to install standard Debian into the ["harddisk"].

  • ["Embedded Debian"] - Tools to build Debian for smaller devices.
  • ["I18n"] - Internationalization
  • ["L10n"] - Localization
  • ["DebianWebSiteProject"] - starting page for web site redesign and restructuring

  • ["Lintian"] - Automated Debian package checking

Software Packaging Groups

  • ["DebianScience"] - Packaging Free Software for scientific research.

  • ["XStrikeForce"] - Maintaining packages for the X Window System in Debian.
  • ["Utnubu"] - That is Ubuntu spelled backwards. The Utnubu subproject's main goal is to support Debian packagers (including non-DD's) with copying good things from Ubuntu to Debian.
  • ["Games/Development"] - Debian Games Team
  • ["Java"] - Packaging free java software
  • ["TeXTaskForce"] - Maintaining TeX systems in Debian and developing the Debian TeX Policy
  • ["DebianGis"] - Maintaining and packaging GIS related free tools and programs.

  • ["?OctavePackaging"] - Packaging [http://www.octave.org Octave] and its add-ons

Custom Debian Distributions



  • ["DebianHistory"] - Place to collect information and files about the history of Debian

  • ["DebianEvents"] - Events in which the people involved in the Debian project participate.

  • ["FriendsOfDebian"]

  • ["HugAFinn"]
  • [http://www.debian-community.org Debian-Community.org] is a brand new effort to give something back to the community and bridge the gap between developers and users.

  • MeetDebian - Meet Debian local usergroups, Debian on conferences and expos



  • ["About"] - about this wiki, how to log in and edit pages.
  • ["FrontPage/Discussion"] - discussion about the contents of this page.
  • [:ListOfDebianWikis:Other Wikis] - A list of wikis about Debians.