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Welcome to Wiki.Debian.org!


WhereIsIt ?BR This article explains where to find the various stuff contained in your Debian system.

[#news News]

[#users For Users] ?BR [#introduction Introduction] ?BR [#debiansystemdocumentation Documentation] ?BR [#support Support] ?BR [#articles Articles and Guides]

[#developers For Developers] ?BR [:LowThresholdNmu:NMU Packages List] ?BR ["Status/Unstable"] ?BR ["Useability"] ?BR [#subprojects Subprojects] ?BR [#developers Other Links]

[#community Community] ?BR ["DebianEvents"] ?BR ["DebianHistory"] ?BR [#community Community Groups] ?BR [:LocalGroups:Local Groups] ?BR [:MeetDebian:Conferences]

[#meta About this Wiki] ?BR ["FrontPage/Discussion"] ?BR [:ListOfDebianWikis:Other Debian Wikis]

[#otherlanguages Other Languages:] [:FrontPageSimplifiedChinese:Chinese (Simplified)-简体中文] [:FrontPageFrench:French-Français] [:StartSeite:German-Deutsch] [:FrontPageDutch:Dutch-Nederlands] [:FrontPageItalian:Italian-Italiano] [:%e3%83%95%e3%83%ad%e3%83%b3%e3%83%88%e3%83%9a%e3%83%bc%e3%82%b8:Japanese-日本語] [:FrontPageKurdish:Kurdish-Kurdî] [:StartSide:Norwegian-Norsk] [:FrontPagePersian:Persian-فارسی] [:FrontPagePolish:Polish-Polski] [:PortugueseBR/FrontPage:Brazilian_Portuguese-Português_Brasileiro] [:DebianRussian:Russian-Русский] [:FrontPageSpanish:Spanish-Español] [:StartSida:Swedish-Svenska] [:FrontPageTurkish:Turkish-Türkçe]

This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the [http://www.debian.org Debian] project, as well as a means of communication between developers. Like all wikis, this wiki is constantly changing and we welcome your edits. If you are looking for something in particular try FindPage.


Official and unofficial Debian-related news



For Users


  • [:DebianIntroduction:Introduction to Debian] - What is Debian? Where can I find Debian?

  • [:WhyDebian:Why Debian?] - Why choose Debian over another Unix/Linux?

  • [:DebianInstall:Installing Debian] - So, you want to install Debian?

  • [:Manual-Howto:Quickie: How-to Manual] - How to install and configure software on Debian. Step by step.

?Anchor(debiansystemdocumentation) Debian System Documentation

?Anchor(support) Support

  • [:DebianHosting:Debian Hosting] - Want a Debian server online as fast as possible?

  • [:DebianSupport:Debian Support] - A list of places for getting help and the way they work

?Anchor(articles) Articles and Guides

  • ["Newbie"] - More information and Guides for Debian newbies.
  • ["DebianIRC"] - Debian FAQ Wiki
  • [:From_Windows_To_Debian:From Windows To Debian] - Want to move to Debian from Windows? This guide is for you!
  • ["DebianReleases"] - How Debian releases work.


For developers







  • ["About"] - about this wiki, how to log in and edit pages.
  • ["FrontPage/Discussion"] - discussion about the contents of this page.
  • [:ListOfDebianWikis:Other Wikis] - A list of wikis about Debian


Other Languages

  • [:FrontPageSimplifiedChinese:Chinese (Simplified) - 简体中文]

  • [:FrontPageFrench:French - Français]

  • [:StartSeite:German - Deutsch]

  • [:FrontPageDutch:Dutch - Nederlands]

  • [:FrontPageItalian:Italian - Italiano]

  • [:%e3%83%95%e3%83%ad%e3%83%b3%e3%83%88%e3%83%9a%e3%83%bc%e3%82%b8:Japanese - 日本語]
  • [:FrontPageKurdish:Kurdish - Kurdî]

  • [:StartSide:Norwegian - Norsk]

  • [:FrontPagePersian:Persian - فارسی]

  • [:FrontPagePolish:Polish - Polski]

  • [:PortugueseBR/FrontPage:Brazilian Portuguese - Português Brasileiro]

  • [:DebianRussian:Russian - Русский]

  • [:FrontPageSpanish:Spanish - Español]

  • [:StartSida:Swedish - Svenska]

  • [:FrontPageTurkish:Turkish - Türkçe]