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 * [Debian-Community.org is an effort to give something back to the community

This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the [http://www.debian.org Debian] project, as well as a means of communication between developers. Like all wikis, this wiki is constantly changing and we welcome your edits. If you are looking for something in particular try FindPage.

SpotLight: ["WhereIsIt"]

This page explains where to find the various stuff contained in your debian system.

Official and unofficial Debian-related news


For users

  • ["DebianIntroduction"] - What is Debian? Where can I find Debian?

  • ["WhyDebian"] - Why choose Debian over another Unix/Linux?

  • ["DebianInstall"] - So, you want to install Debian?

  • ["Manual-Howto"] - How to install and configure software on Debian. Step by step.
  • ["DebianSystem"] - Documentation about Debian (Desktop, System Administration, Packages, various tips & tricks)

  • ["DebianDesktop"].

  • ["Common Linux"] - ["Bash"] (shell commands).
  • ["DebianNetworkInstall"] - How to install Debian over a network such as the Internet.

  • ["DebianHosting"] - Want a Debian server online as fast as possible?

  • ["From Windows To Debian"] - Want to move to Debian from Windows? This guide is for you!
  • ["DebianSupport"] - A list of places for getting help and the way they work

  • ["MeetDebian"] - Meet Debian local usergroups, Debian on conferences and expos

  • ["DebianReleases"] - How Debian releases work.

  • [http://kernelnewbies.org/ Kernelnewbies Wiki].

  • [http://en.linux.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page General Linux Wiki].

  • ["Newbie"]. - More information and Guides for Debian newbies.
  • ["DebianIRC"] - Debian FAQ Wiki

For developers




  • ["About"] - about this wiki, how to log in and edit pages.
  • ["FrontPage/Discussion"] - discussion about the contents of this page.

Other Languages

  • [:FrontPageSimplifiedChinese:Chinese (Simplified) - 简体中文]

  • [:FrontPageFrench:French - Français]

  • [:StartSeite:German - Deutsch]

  • [:FrontPageDutch:Dutch - Nederlands]

  • [:FrontPageItalian:Italian - Italiano]

  • [:%e3%83%95%e3%83%ad%e3%83%b3%e3%83%88%e3%83%9a%e3%83%bc%e3%82%b8:Japanese - 日本語]
  • [:FrontPageKurdish:Kurdish - Kurdî]

  • [:StartSide:Norwegian - Norsk]

  • [:FrontPagePersian:Persian - فارسی]

  • [:FrontPagePolish:Polish - Polski]

  • [:PortugueseBR/FrontPage:Brazilian Portuguese - Português Brasileiro]

  • [:DebianRussian:Russian - Русский]

  • [:FrontPageSpanish:Spanish - Español]

  • [:StartSida:Swedish - Svenska]

  • [:FrontPageTurkish:Turkish - Türkçe]