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||||<tablestyle="width: 90%">'''SpotLight: ["LocalGroups"]'''||<style="background-color: #E0E0FF;">Find a Debian user group near you.|| ||||<tablestyle="width: 90%">'''SpotLight: ["AptCLI"]'''||<style="background-color: #E0E0FF;">This page describes how to use various CLI (command line interface) Apt tools.||

This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the [http://www.debian.org Debian] project, as well as a means of communication between developers. Like all wikis, this wiki is constantly changing and we welcome your edits. If you are looking for something in particular try FindPage.

SpotLight: ["AptCLI"]

This page describes how to use various CLI (command line interface) Apt tools.

For users

  • ["DebianIntroduction"] - What is Debian? Where can I find Debian?

  • ["WhyDebian"] - Why choose Debian over another Unix/Linux?

  • ["DebianInstall"] - So, you want to install Debian? Read this Guide!

  • ["Sarge2EtchUpgrade"] - Upgrade from Sarge (Debian 3.1) to Etch (Debian 4.0)

  • ["DebianNetworkInstall"] - How to install Debian over a network such as the internet.

  • ["DebianHosting"] - Want a Debian server online as fast as possible?

  • ["From Windows To Debian"] - Want to move to Debian from Windows? This guide is for you!
  • ["?DebianKnowledgeBase"] - A list of places for getting help and the way they work

  • ["MeetDebian"] - Meet Debian local usergroups, Debian on conferences and expos

  • ["DebianSystem"] - Documentation about the software that's in Debian.

  • ["DebianReleases"] - How Debian releases work.

For developers

  • ["HowToPackageForDebian"]

  • ["OngoingTransitions"] - Information about current package transitions in Debian.

  • ["Status/Unstable"] - Current problems in Unstable.
  • ["LowThresholdNmu"] - Packages that may be NMUd without waiting.

  • ["ComaintainersAreWelcome"] - People that agree to having their packages co-maintained.

  • ["CategoryEtchReleaseRecertification"] - Deciding what architectures are suitable to release with etch.

  • ["EtchTODOList"]
  • ["qa.debian.org"]
  • ["?DebianAdminFoo"] - state of the debian machines

  • ["DebianMachines"] - Using Developer Machines to fix architecture-specific packaging problems

  • ["BSPMarathon"] - BSPs for the release of etch


  • ["ArmEabiPort"] - Project for the creation of a new ARM architecture (see page for why)

  • ["DebianDesktop"].

  • ["DebianEdu"] - Free Software for Education.

  • ["DebianInstaller"] - Developing the installation system.

  • [http://live.debian.net/wiki DebianLive] - Debian in a ["LiveCD"] and installation tools into ["harddisk"] and ["USB"] keys.

  • ["DebianScience"] - Packaging Free Software for scientific research.

  • ["DeMudi"] - Free Music and Audio Software

  • ["Embedded Debian"] - Tools to build Debian for smaller devices.
  • ["Games/Development"] - Debian Games Team
  • ["FriendsOfDebian"]

  • ["HugAFinn"]
  • ["DebianEvents"] - Events in which the people involved in the Debian project participate

  • ["XStrikeForce"] - Maintaining packages for the X Window System in Debian.
  • ["TeXTaskForce"] - Maintaining TeX systems in Debian and developing the Debian TeX Policy
  • [http://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl DebianGis] - Maintaining and packaging GIS related tools and programs.

  • Other CustomDebian

  • ["Java"] - Packaging free java software
  • ["DebianHistory"] - Place to collect information and files about the history of Debian


  • ["About"] - about this wiki, how to log in and edit pages.
  • ["FrontPage/Discussion"] - discussion about the contents of this page.

Other Languages

  • [:FrontPageFrench:French - français]

  • [:StartSeite:German - Deutsch]

  • [:%e3%83%95%e3%83%ad%e3%83%b3%e3%83%88%e3%83%9a%e3%83%bc%e3%82%b8:Japanese - 日本語]
  • [:FrontPagePortugueseBR:Portuguese BR - Português_BR]

  • [:FrontPageRussian:Russian или] ["Начало"]

  • [:FrontPageSpanish:Spanish - Español]

  • [:FrontPageTurkish:Turkish - Türkçe]

  • [:FrontPageItalian:Italian - Italiano]

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  • [:StartSide:Norwegian - Norsk]

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  • [:StartSida:Swedish - Svenska]