Things to do before asking questions from the templates

  1. Take all questions from the templates.
  2. Use Debian Member Portfolio and the minechangelogs script to look for comprehensive Debian activity; if found, remove the questions about those things that you can see the applicant already knows.
    When a candidate is very active, you may find yourself left with only P&P1 to be asked. For the AM report, just include the output of minechangelogs and the other things that you found. Don't waste the time of excellent people.

  3. If comprehensive Debian activity is not easily seen, ask the advocate to provide links to external or non-visible activity: maybe there is much more than meets the eye. If found, remove the questions that you can see the applicant already knows.
  4. Ask the questions that remain, or give practical tasks on those remaining areas that you'd like to explore with the applicant.
    If no activity in or outside Debian is found, it may be a better idea to not ask any question at all and just reject the applicant. Discuss with the advocate if unsure.

We have also a page which lists tasks for NMs which an AM can use instead of the T&S part. With these tasks the applicant can show they have the needed technical skills in a practical way.