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E-mail contact: Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> E-mail contact: don@debian.org

Tasks for NM applicants

Sometimes a NM applicant is interested in getting involved with some Debian team. NM is a good opportunity to make that happen, and some of the T&S questions can be substituted with tasks done within that team.

This page lists the teams that may have NM tasks available, together with a confidential contact point that the AM can use.

Security team

Kind of tasks: update security tracker, proactive archive security check on certain issues, bug reporting/handling, preparing patches/packages, coordination with other vendors

E-mail contact: white@debian.org

IRC contact: white on OFTC

WWW team

Kind of task: bug reporting and handling, process submissions for /users and /consultants, update /security with DSAs - see also http://www.debian.org/devel/website/todo

E-mail contact: spaillard@debian.org

IRC contact: symoon on OFTC


Kind of task: See Teams/Debbugs under "Get involved"

E-mail contact: don@debian.org

IRC contact: dondelelcaro on OFTC

Team template

Kind of task: ...

E-mail contact: ...

IRC contact: ...