On the Linux Plumbers Conference in 2008 it was shown in a talk how to boot an ASUS EeePC 901 in five seconds. The slides are available too.

A Fedora 9 system and a Moblin system were used for demonstration.

This page is dedicated to give instructions how to port and implement the used techniques on a Debian GNU/Linux system.


There are already some other pages available in this Wiki dealing with shortening the booting time. In the end the results of this page, which are not suitable implementing in a standard Debian installation should be incorporated there or be linked from there.

On the list for the DebianEeePC some work was already done.


It is thought about to set up a dedicated list for this task on for example Alioth. If someone wants to go ahead please do.


Different means were used in the talk, which can be seen on the slides, and time limits were set for each component.

Splash Screens

Debian does not use any, so nothing to do here.


Early Userspace