This page coordinates the efforts to transition to the new freetype ABI and API introduced in 2.1.10-1.

The following is a list of packages which depend on libfreetype6, but do not build-depend on it. This should be avoided, see ?SteveLangasek's [ email] on the matter for more background, and information on how to help fix the issues. (The same issues arise with dependencies on other libraries, such as libaudio2; please try to remove as many bogus library dependencies as you can at once.)

If you are working on a package, please claim it adding your name at the end of the line, in parenthesis. When a fix is ACCEPTed in the archive, please mark it with [DONE].

If you can help analyse what needs to be done for each package, please add a note next to the package name with indications so others know what to do more easily.

Bugs filed for this transition should be [ usertagged]. Tag: extradeps-libfreetype6, user: The list of such bugs can be accessed via

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