Freenet is an application providing secure and extremely censorship-resistant network for static data and chat.


In Debian, Freenet can be used as external application; It is written in Java, so it should be quite secure to use especially when running this server as separate user (adduser srv_fn --disabled-password).

Installation instructions are similar to I2P. Control panel is on after installation.

There exists FMS_application boards/chat program for it, on Debian Wheezy it requires fixed libpoco to work properly described there.

Download files from Freenet

If you want to download any files from Freenet you have to install Freenet (if you do not have it already) and next open Freenet mirror links like which we mark here often with Freenet icon e.g. on SameKernel/Releases_and_Downloads , or better, copy/paste the CHK@..../file address into "Bulk Downloads" input box on your Freenet web-panel, usually on http page . When your browser opens Freenet file, you will see a Download button.