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FreedomBox is a community project to develop, design and promote personal servers running free software for private, personal communications. It is a networking appliance designed to allow interfacing with the rest of the Internet under conditions of protected privacy and data security. It hosts applications such as blog, wiki, website, social network, email, web proxy and a Tor relay on a device that can replace a wireless router so that data stays with the users.


We live in a world where our use of the network is mediated by organizations that often do not have our best interests at heart. By building software that does not rely on a central service, we can regain control and privacy. By keeping our data in our homes, we gain useful legal protections over it. By giving back power to the users over their networks and machines, we are returning the Internet to its intended peer-to-peer architecture.

In order to bring about the new network order, it is paramount that it is easy to convert to it. The hardware it runs on must be cheap. The software it runs on must be easy to install and administrate by anybody. It must be easy to transition from existing services. There are a number of projects working to realize a future of distributed services; we aim to bring them all together in a convenient package.





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