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 * [http://www.fon.com/en/ Fonera 2.0n]
 ** Slow?

Freedom Box Project

Inspired by Eben Moglen's vision of a small, cheap and simple computer that serves freedom in the home, we are building a Debian-based platform for distributed applications.

There are a number of projects working to realize a future of distributed services; we aim to bring them all together in a convenient package.

Freedom Box is about gathering the software on inexpensive hardware to give people their freedom back through aggregation and transition of cloud services to friend to friend services.

Freedom Box is about:

  • privacy
  • control
  • ease of use
  • dehierarchicalization

1. DebConf BoF Scheduling

Add your name to the doodle schedule poll by 5pm TODAY (2010-08-03) so we can choose a time.


2. Vision Statement

We live in a world where our use of the network is mediated by organizations that often do not have our best interests at heart. By building software that does not rely on a central service, we can regain control and privacy. By keeping our data in our homes, we gain useful legal protections over it.

In order to bring about the new network order, it is paramount that it is easy to convert to it. The hardware it runs on must be cheap. The software it runs on must be easy to install and admimistrate by anybody. It must be easy to transition from existing services.

We are working to build these systems; it is merely a small matter of programming.

  • enable people to reclaim their privacy and control of their data
  • return to the peer to peer nature of the net (vs. tendency towards hierarchical organization)
  • making a consumer product
  • easy to use for everyone (pre-installed, easily configured, easily restored)
  • inexpensive (dirt cheap)
  • use at home (NOTE: legal significance of 4th amendment context)
  • smooth transition from cloud services (e.g. social networks)
  • secure routing
  • generic and configurable
  • extensible
  • want hardware makers to be enthusiastic about the project

4. Example projects

  • ReadyNAS
  • Asterisk boxes (hardware, live CD's)
  • Aeyer (Drupal control panel)
  • Free telephony project
  • GNU social
  • diaspora
  • ?SmoothWall, IP Cop

  • OpenWRT

5. Done

  • Wiki

6. ToDo

  • Alioth project requested already by Jimmy
  • Vision stmt
  • What we need
  • What we have
  • How to contribute
  • Who else is doing similar stuff
  • Add links/references

7. Issues/Areas

  • project management tool
  • installer
  • UI
  • config
  • telephony
  • mail
  • hardware support

8. Target Hardware

  • ?SheevaPlug/GuruPlug

  • * Latter has WiFi and can act as an access point; both have heat problems.

  • NSLU2
  • * Discontinued?
  • [http://www.fon.com/en/ Fonera 2.0n]

  • * Slow?