Notes and ideas on how FreedomBox could be experienced by users.

For more technical notes on implementation onto some interface, see FreedomBox/UserInterface.

Welcome to FOSS ASIA 2011, we really thank the interesting seminar of Jonas . In the discussion, we have come up with many ideas. I summarize four ideas for users communicate with Freedom box as follows:

1/ Many device will connect to Freedom box. We will have a computer as admin machine. It can divide levels of data protection for another device. Freedom box will be open through fingerprint or a cards with barcode

2/ We have interface as web form. We have three group for data types:

3/ Freedom box will connect with a phone. We can use voice to control Freedom box and divide levels of data protection. It is like Siri application on Iphone.

4/ We will develop an application by window form.We will have 4 option as 4 data type : Text, Image, Video, Sound

These brief descriptions maybe have some mistake. I hope about contributions from every people

Again thank Jonas for interesting seminars.

Student Group Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam