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These are TODO items that would be good to do, but haven't been scheduled for a particular release yet. When a TODO is taken, it must be added to the "In Progress" section, along with relevant contact information.


  • Replacing ssl hierarchy with a gpg-based web of trust. This involved some scripting, some work with ssl certs, modfiying mod-gnutls and maybe some browser plugins.
  • Improving the FreedomBox Privoxy filters. We need test scripts and more/better filters. Reimplementing the current hack that lets privoxy do multiple redirect URLs as a proper bit of C code would also be quite useful.

  • Config layer design. We would like the front end to talk to a middle layer that handles system config. That middle layer then talks to the system and sets options (e.g. by twiddling text files). No work had been done on that middle layer so far and it needs to be designed from the ground up. Augeas might be the place to start on this.
  • Front-end work. Plinth is our current front end proposal. It could use design work, cleanup and reimagining.
  • User database. A freedombox serves/interacts with users. We need ACLs for them, settable via the front-end. In the current vision, users are identified primarily via their gpg key.
  • Welcome script. When a user first plugs in a virgin freedombox, she should be walked through setup, key generation, etc. We need a web script that does this interaction in an informative, no-hassle way and computes/generates any other needed data.
  • Many people believe we ?FreedomBoxes should be dropboxes. So far, nobody has started this project. Secure, private dropbox would be quite useful.

  • Think about trust ratings: services can announce how much faith they have in each peer for any particular purpose. That'd be neat. For example, if a service starts receiving updates from a peer that have future time-stamps, it should signal that the peer has a screwy clock.

In Progress

  • FreedomBuddy/Santiago (Nick Daly). This tool will provide a FreedomBox a static-IP-by-proxy, using the sum of multiple different routing tools to provide an effectively static IP, guaranteeing that ?FreedomBoxen can always find one another.

    • We have started experimenting with using a tor hidden service as a way to find ?FreedomBoxes wherever they might be. A FreedomBox should listen on its hidden service port and respond to login requests and informational queries (e.g. "How can I reach you, what is your ip?"). Tor is too slow to pass all our traffic on it as a matter of course, so communication over this Santiago port is really about setting up further communication over other channels.

      This is in progress. Please communicate with Nick Daly if you'd like to contribute.


  • Patch ?FreedomMaker to bring up eth0 automatically so the box can be accessed without a JTAG cable.

  • Proxying. This one is easy: we could use a script that sets up a port-forwarded connection to the freedombox-privoxy server for a particular user and secures that connection via monkeysphere.



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HELP & DISCUSSIONS: Mailing List - #freedombox irc.debian.org | CONTACT Foundation | JOIN Project

Next call: Sunday, March 25th at 17:00 UTC

Latest news: Stable FreedomBox images - 2017-08-05

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