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How to Translate FreedomBox into your language ?

FreedomBox aims to be available to users from all over the world. By translating FreedomBox into your native language, you will be making FreedomBox available to all the speakers of that language. By translating, you will also be participating in the FreedomBox community, making friends, get help when needed and learn faster. To see all the visible text in FreedomBox in your language, the following pieces need to be translated:

Let's get started!

1. First Step: Welcome to FreedomBox Community

As a start, feel free to introduce yourself and your language on the #freedombox IRC channel or the discussion list. Someone will guide you progressively towards your goals. If others are working to FreedomBox translate to your language you can coordinate with them and avoid duplicated work.

2. Option 1: User Interface (UI)

FreedomBox web interface is called Plinth. You can help in translating navigation terms and messages in Plinth by using the Weblate, a free web-based translation platform. It is simple to use and is the recommended way to translate Plinth.

If you understand Git and gettext translation tools, you may also submit your translations by create a merge request on the FreedomBox Git repository. In this case, make sure to introduce yourself on the mailing list in order to avoid double translations.

Some of the messages in Plinth come from Django, the web framework that FreedomBox uses. Further, your language will show up in the choice of languages to use in the web interface only if Django supports the language. This means that Django has to be translated your language. See Django documentation on how to translate Django. If you have translated Plinth and would like to see your language as an option before you translate Django, please create an issue on Plinth and ask for an exception.

3. Option 2: Website Content (Wiki and Manual)

FreedomBox general content and user manual are built on a wiki website part of the Debian community. You can start translating by creating a localized page for each of the English language pages on the wiki and linking them properly.

You need register to the wiki before editing it due to spam regulation policies. If you are not comfortable with the wiki process, some active users are happy to introduce it to you on the IRC channel. Pages can be created for you, so that you just have to enter your content in it if needed.

A few minimal pages to start translating are:

For minimal content example see: https://wiki.debian.org/nl/FreedomBox

If you have any questions or comments, please express them on IRC or the discussion list.

4. Tips and Tricks for Localization

Steps to test Plinth translations on the latest virtualbox image.

5. Discussion/Dispute Page

FreedomBox is a collaborative project where all voices are equal, newcomers included. Please read the Discussion Localization page, react or launch a discussion about how you think your box content should be created and translated.








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