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== 5/10 mins Teaser == == All projects: 5 mins Teaser ==
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Ideas to be displayed here. Privacy by Design vs Privacy by Using | Owning tools and datas
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== 45 Mins Discussion == == Selected: 30 Mins Discussion ==

D-CENT Madrid: democracy and decentralized Internet

FreedomBox project has been selected to participate at the D-CENT European project and the City of Madrid upcoming unconference Initiatives for open democracy and a decentralized Internet being held between the 25th and 26th May 2016 at Medialab Prado as part of the at the Democracy Lab during "Commons technology and the right to a democratic city", the final event of the D-CENT project (see the open call).

As a selected participant FreedomBox project will be given the opportunity to explain its proposed workshop or presentation in a 5-10 minute lightning talk at the start of the day. If chosen by the audience the project will then be given the opportunity to run a session in full.

All projects: 5 mins Teaser

Privacy by Design vs Privacy by Using | Owning tools and datas

Selected: 30 Mins Discussion

45 minutes speech and discussion. Technology general introduction. FreedomBox personal server review. Privacy and independence to enhance democracy. The challenge of its adoption by a large public: "low" and "high" levels.

Democracy: Privacy, Independence and Freedom

(5 mins) Theory of democracy and its reality. Privacy as a defense tool. Independence as a freedom tool.
(5 mins) Low level - Private circle (Family and friends): the vaguely anxious busy-nothing-to-hide crowd. High level - Public circle (groups and organizations): getting back to independence, a core element justifying a switch from third party hosted services to self-hosted applications.
(5 mins) Comments and discussions.

The Rise of Inexpensive Hardware and Self-hosted Applications

(5 mins) What is a Single-board computer (SBC). Increasing density of integrated circuits history. Cost effective and power efficient. Open Source Hardware (OSHW). List of recommended hardware.
(5 mins) Self-hosted web applications definition. Hosted services and Private clouds. List of awesome free software apps (e-mail, file sync, IM).
(5 mins) Comments and questions.

FreedomBox Tools Review and Questions

(5 mins) FreedomBox introduction. Ready made personal server designed with privacy in mind. Private cloud. Smart home router. Apps list. Free software only. Debian Pure Blend.
(5 mins) How to get and use. Options: SBCs, PCs, online servers. Example: Instant Messaging (XMPP app).
(5 mins) Comments and questions.









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