This page aggregates the complete list of the items to work on for FreedomBox. The TODO is organized into ideas on possible implementations and concrete set of features that people intend to work on. Ideas and discussions are organized here on various wiki pages listed below. Concrete agreed upon tasks will go into various issues trackers specific to sub-projects. Please check as well contribution and progress calls related pages.

FreedomBox Setup

FreedomBox Setup is a Debian package with scripts to set up FreedomBox environment.


Plinth is a web interface for configuring FreedomBox.

Freedom Maker

Freedom Maker is a script to build FreedomBox images for various hardware.

Hardware Support

A few nice hardware platforms are currently supported by FreedomBox, however supporting more and better platforms will make available FreedomBox to more users. See the list of potential hardware platforms for FreedomBox. Even if your favourite hardware is not in the list, propose it and work on supporting it.

FreedomBox General

Issues and feature requests that are not specific to any of the sub-projects above are part of this category. Issues will also come into this category if it is not yet clear which sub-project(s) will implement. As soon as such clarity is available, the issues will be moved to appropriate sub-projects' issue trackers.


You can contribute to the discussion on various user experience and technical design aspects of FreedomBox. See: