1 Safe social networking, in which, without losing touch with any of your friends, you replace Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and other centralized services with privacy-respecting federated services;

-> the hardest part here seems to be Facebook integration. Investigating how far Diaspora is with that.

2 Secure backup: Your data automatically stored in encrypted format on the Freedom Boxes of your friends or associates, thus protecting your personal data against seizure or loss;

-> this could be done with cronned rsync, or other standard backup solutions.

3 Network neutrality protection: If your ISP starts limiting or interfering with your access to services in the Net, your Freedom Box can communicate with your friends to detect and route traffic around the limitations. Network censorship is automatically routed around, for your friends in societies with oppressive national firewalls, or for you;

-> this should maybe be done with wifi mesh

4 Safe anonymous publication: Friends or associates outside zones of network censorship can automatically forward information from people within them, enabling safe, anonymous publication;

-> Tor? freenet? i2p?

5 Home network security, with real protection against intrusion and the security threats aimed at Microsoft Windows or other risky computers your network;

-> ?

6 Encrypted email, with seamless encryption and decryption;

-> SquirrelMail

7 Private voice communications: Freedom Box users can make voice-over-Internet phone calls to one another or to any phone. Calls between Freedom Box users will be encrypted securely

-> Asterisk