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= Roadmap =

  This is a proposed roadmap for freedombox development. As the current writer has no time to do everything, years will not be told and dates are just an approximation to have a set of goals.

== TODOs ==

Several TODO lists exist.

 * [[FreedomBox/UnscheduledTodos|Unscheduled TODOs]]
 * [[FreedomBox/1.0Todos|1.0 Release TODOs]]

== Requirements Specification ==

'''Date:''' ''February -''

A list with valid requirements which can be validated, measured and tested needs to be written.

 * System requirements
 * Hardware requirements
 * Software requirements
 * User requirements

 See [[FreedomBox/Requirements]] as a start point

== Design Specification ==

'''Date:''' ''March -''

A list of technologies, applications, programs are applied and used to fulfill above requirements

 * System design
 * Hardware design
 * Software design

== Implementation Phase ==

'''Date:''' ''April-''

This is the part which everyone --suffers-- enjoys and allows play with technology to fulfill the design.

 * A working prototype

== Polishing, Testing, Verification, Validation Phase ==

'''Date:''' ''TBD''

Lots of test over the prototype is needed to find and fix bugs. Automated and manual tests need to be defined.

 * A working FreedomBox

== Get ready to leave the cloud ==

'''Date:''' ''TBD''

How are we going to distribute the working freedombox to hit a good number of users?

 * FreedomBox conquers the world.