FreedomBox project road map for 2021

This road map represents the goals set by the FreedomBox core team with the FreedomBox Foundation for the project for the period from December 2020 to November 2021. This was prepared through prioritization of inputs provided by the community for FreedomBox Summit 2020. (Please refer to the References section for hyperlinks to all the discussions that went into making this road map.)

Please note that the following items should be seen as commitments from the core team based on the time available. The scope is kept limited to what can be reasonably achieved considering last year's velocity. However, other community members might drive initiatives that they care about and contribute features and bug fixes not listed on the road map, and are welcome to do so.

Video Conferencing

Related: (./) Finish configuration of STUN/TURN server for calling contacts from Matrix and XMPP apps


Office suite with collaborative editing requires a separate installation of Collabora Office that can integrate with Nextcloud. This is not targeted for 2021.


Finish implementation of first boot wizard steps for reachability.


(./) Implementation of sending email messages from FreedomBox for password reset and notifications.

Debian Installer

Debian installer has a page listing pure blends. Get FreedomBox listed on that page.


(./) WordPress will be offered as an alternative to Ikiwiki for blogging and creating websites. Installation of plugins will be kept disabled by default.


Integration of an ActivityPub server is not expected this year. However, we can experiment with ActivityPub plugins for Nextcloud and WordPress.


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