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      * Other contribution links       * Other contribution links (see also [[UpstreamMetadata|debian/upstream/metadata]] Donation field, [[DebianBug:777306|request to add donation links on packages.d.o]])

FreedomBox Roadmap for the year 2020

This represents the development priorities of the FreedomBox community for the year 2020. See the References section below for the original sources of these ideas.

Note: Some of the tasks from the Roadmap 2019 might be implemented in 2020.

Reachability 1.0


  • Use case: file server application
  • Debian Fasttrack or Snap package
  • Plugins and app store not enabled by default for security reasons

Email Server

See this Salsa issue for the full list of tasks.

Fediverse app

  • Microblogging will be our first ?ActivityPub use case

  • Evaluate Epicyon as a candidate

  • WordPress with Pterotype plugin can be considered for the use case of publishing blogs to the Fediverse

New Hardware Capabilities

The following features will need support in Hardware

  • NAS
  • Wi-Fi router

The following hardware types are being considered to be able to support the increasing number of applications on FreedomBox

  • ?AllWinner A64

  • RK3399 SoC

Raspberry Pi 4 will be supported with a non-free image.

Smaller Features

  • Factory Reset
  • Password Recovery
  • Re-introduction of Shaarli

New Initiatives

  • Create a FreedomBox blog and publish to Planet Debian

  • FreedomBox as an installation option in Debian installer

  • New approach for creating FreedomBox user manual

  • Apps


  1. Request for Comments: Agenda Items for 2019 Summit

  2. Report of the 2019 FreedomBox Summit

  3. Roadmap 2019