This is a brief description of the process of releasing a new version of FreedomBox.

Plinth Release

After deciding (with other developers) that a new release is needed:

  1. First, check if there are any uncommitted changes on weblate. Commit if there are any.

  2. Update translation strings by running python3 update_translations. Commit and push to master.

    • Weblate will automatically update with the latest changes.
  3. Update debian/changelog in the Plinth repository, including details that are relevant to contributors.
  4. Update the Release Notes on the wiki. This is a summary of changes that are relevant to end users.

  5. Fetch the latest manual by running make -C doc fetch. Commit.

  6. Update the version number in plinth/

  7. Run dch -r and finalize the changelog.

  8. Commit and tag the release. Push master and the new tag.
  9. Build the package using gbp buildpackage.

    • Check for any new lintian errors.
    • Recommended to test by installing the package in a development environment, or by building a freedom-maker image with --custom-package.
  10. Build the source-only package using gbp buildpackage --changes-option=-S.

  11. Sign the dsc and changes files with debsign.
  12. Upload the changes file with dput.