Release notes for the FreedomBox project

1. Version 0.2

FIXME fill inn.

1.1. New architectures

In addition to the Dreamplug, Raspberry Pi and x86 images are now provided.

1.2. New services

1.3. Changes since 0.1 release

The privixy setup is now the default from Debian.

2. Version 0.1

I am pleased to announce our first FreedomBox software release. The FreedomBox 0.1 image is available here (.torrent) (sha512sum: 867f5bf462102daef82a34165017b9e67ed8e09116fe46edd67730541bbfb731083850ab5e28ee40bdbc5054cb64e4d0e46a201797f27e0b8f0d2881ef083b40).

This 0.1 version is primarily a developer release, which means that it focuses on architecture and infrastructure rather than finish work. The exception to this is privoxy-freedombox, the web proxy discussed in previous updates, which people can begin using right now to make their web browsing more secure and private and which will very soon be available on non-FreedomBox systems. More information on that tool at the end of this post.