This page contains the release notes for each FreedomBox version.

Release notes for the FreedomBox project

Version 0.3 (Not yet released)

This version is currently under development.

New Services


Firewall is a network security system that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic. Keeping a firewall enabled and properly configured reduces risk of security threat from the Internet.

The operation of the firewall is automatic. When you enable a service it is automatically permitted in the firewall and you disable a service is automatically disabled in the firewall.

Automatic management of firewall in FreedomBox is handled by Plinth web user interface using FirewallD.

Other New Features

Version 0.2 (2014-03-16)

FIXME: fill in.

New Architectures

In addition to the ?DreamPlug, Raspberry Pi and VirtualBox (x86) images are now provided.

New Services

These services are new as of this release:

See ?the user documentation for instruction on how to use them.

Configuration Management UI

The FreedomBox now has an administrative interface, Plinth.

To use it:

  1. Start your FreedomBox.

  2. After Plinth is configured, log in.

To configure it:

  1. Start your FreedomBox.

  2. Plug your Ethernet cable in to your computer and eth1 on your ?DreamPlug.

  3. Connect to Plinth.

  4. Set up the user name and password you'll use to log into Plinth.

Instant Messaging

The FreedomBox now supports instant messaging via XMPP, using JWChat.

To use it:

  1. Start your FreedomBox.

  2. Register a new Jabber account.

  3. Log in to your Jabber account.


(What is this? What is it for? How do we use it?)


(What is this? What is it for? How do we use it?)

Low-Level Configuration Management

Etckeeper is now used for configuration management: after every major system operation, the system automatically takes a configuration snapshot so configuration changes can be reversed, as necessary.

Service Announcement

Avahi Service Announcement and mDNS Name Resolution.

(What is this? What is it for? How do we use it?)

LDAP server

(What is this? What is it for? How do we use it?)

LXC support

(What is this? What is it for? How do we use it?)

Source Packages

Source Packages for each installed package are now stored in the /usr/src/packages/ directory.

Changes since 0.1 release

Version 0.1 (2013-02-26)

I am pleased to announce our first FreedomBox software release. The FreedomBox 0.1 image is available here (.torrent) (sha512sum: 867f5bf462102daef82a34165017b9e67ed8e09116fe46edd67730541bbfb731083850ab5e28ee40bdbc5054cb64e4d0e46a201797f27e0b8f0d2881ef083b40).

This 0.1 version is primarily a developer release, which means that it focuses on architecture and infrastructure rather than finish work. The exception to this is privoxy-freedombox, the web proxy discussed in previous updates, which people can begin using right now to make their web browsing more secure and private and which will very soon be available on non-FreedomBox systems. More information on that tool at the end of this post.