Monthly Progress Call

Upcoming Calls:

Sunday, November 30th at 6 PM GMT Sunday, December 21st at 6 PM GMT

Calls cover all their topics in an hour, with time for additional discussion afterward.

1. November 30, 6 PM GMT

1.1. Responsibilities

nickdaly: will write up notes and keep meeting on track.

1.2. Agenda

  1. 0.3 Release blockers: do any remain? How do they get fixed? Who needs what help, and how do we get them that help? (nickdaly)
  2. Building in Jessie: Impossible? Being fixed? (pere)
  3. Client -> Server and Server -> Client Authentication in Monkeysphere, in Apache ( (dkg?)

  4. Wireless Access Points: What are next TODOs? (nickdaly, jvalleroy)
  5. Reorganizing documentation and deciding on a good entry point for the project (the wiki?).
  6. Updating freedombox foundation website (sullivan?).
  7. Reorganization of confirmed TODOs list into an issue tracker and other TODOs into wiki. (sunilmohan)
  8. Progress and future of Plinth. Especially, Dashboard work done by Michael Pimmer (fonfon) and package manager UI etc. (sunilmohan, fonfon)
  9. Next meeting: preferred time, date, and communication method?
    • Audio Only: Mumble
    • Video Optional:,
    • Do any of the video tools have ways to disable the video, for low-bandwidth situations?

1.3. Access

Mumble server: Port: 9989

1.4. Notes

Since it's difficult for multiple people to edit a wiki at one time, notes will be taken at, link to be posted in chat and here before meeting. Notes to be copied here afterward.