Hack call: 14:00 UTC

FreedomBox Hack Call - 14 Dec, 2019

  1. Daily meetings on Foundation Mumble server (Joseph)
    1. Currently 3:30 AM UTC
  2. Identifying maintainers for Plinth apps (Joseph)
    1. Maintainers are officially listed on a page (on the wiki maybe)
    2. Similar to Debian package maintainers
    3. TODO: Put up a page with suggestions for what maintainers could do
      1. Monitoring the Debian package changelogs etc.
  3. Getting content for manual from the Debian Wiki (Joseph)
    1. DockBook export might be removed from MoinMoin because it is in Python 2

    2. Short-term solutions
      1. Hosting a local MoinMoin server to do the DocBook export

      2. Maybe a CLI tool in the CI pipeline
    3. Long-term solutions
      1. Using GitLab wiki on Salsa

      2. Sphinx documentation
        1. A web interface for people to edit documents in .rst format
      3. Host our own MediaWiki instance with VisualEditor

      4. Any long-term solution should consider translation as well
    4. Migration
      1. Raw export from MoinMoin and export to the desired format

        1. Try Pandoc for conversion
        2. Write scripts using MoinMoin's parsing libraries to convert to other formats

    5. Link to issue: https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox/issues/1716

  4. New website under development (Alice)
    1. Preview: https://5df3493d09f85505661b9ae3--mystifying-brahmagupta-93e3c8.netlify.com/

    2. Feedback:
      1. Main logo near top of the page is a little pixelated
      2. Image of the pioneer edition unit has a white box; let's try to remove the white box around the device
      3. Very smooth UX--good job!
      4. Responsive at mobile resolutions
      5. Change in wording required
        1. Remove "still in early stages of development"
        2. Replace "You can trust us. Because we value user freedom." with "FreedomBox is trustworthy because you can study our source code." or something like that

      6. It doesn't need to be perfect. We can release it and make incremental changes
  5. Transition (Danny)
    1. what's happening at the foundation
      1. Goal: critical, public-facing duties are passed on to other staff
      2. social media
    2. Community's role
      1. Contacts with hardware manufacturers, introducing people to hardware manufacturers
      2. Contributor invite procedure--creation on forum
        1. Anyone who creates the contributor invite on gitlab is responsible for writing it in full and transferring it to the forum
          1. but if someone forgets to put it on the forum, then it will be Sunil's duty to transfer it to the forum
      3. Removing me from website on COC and community
      4. Welcome messages:
        1. Joseph will take on this responsibility
        2. requires identifying new users on gitlab and the forum, and sending them a welcome message.
        3. can be done once a week or so in a single sitting. urgency doesn't matter; we just want to make sure that everyone gets a message eventually.
  6. RockPro64 update (Sunil)

    1. Started experimenting
    2. Images for Rock64, RockPro64 and Nano Pi M4V2

  7. Priorities for reviews (Sunil)
  8. Update from James
    1. I haven’t had much free time this release cycle, so I’m focusing on reviewing merge requests, and will continue that until the release Monday. I should have more time for the next release cycle, so I will try to make some progress on systemd hardening and packaging more Shaarli dependencies.