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       * https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/plinth/snippets/299        * https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox/snippets/299

Progress call: 17:00 UTC

  • Developer manual (sunil)
    • Included in repository
    • Automatically generate documentation for a module or class
    • Based on developer manual from wiki
    • Publish to docs.freedombox.org, then remove from wiki
    • Debian package for developer docs
  • Summit (Danny)
  • Hackathon (Danny)
    • Please register!
    • https://freedomboxfoundation.org/news/freedombox-turns-10-hackathon/

    • Organizing the three hackathon sessions (Installfest, Development environment, Guided coding)
      • what are the plans for these sessions?
        • Installfest:
          • Danny will prepare printed material for this station
          • JoKe managed an installfest earlier and has experience in the things that can go wrong

        • Development environment:
        • Guided coding:
          • Sunil will prepare tasks to work on for the developers
          • participants should have already set up development environment
          • Joseph can help prepare tasks with guided coding
      • If nobody comes prepared with development environment, james and sunil will combine their tracks and manage it together
      • division of labor
    • preparing materials ahead of time
      • Atleast one week in advance
  • contributor invites (Danny)
    • Good progress so far
      • there's also been some more wiki edits and translations
    • Setting up a nominations process for our users
      • feature requests from users can be turned into contributor invites when they are easy enough for new contributors
      • can do on the forum
    • Goal is to streamline the contributor invite process. Tore team can nominate new contributor invites by doing three things:
      • tag danny in an issue on gitlab
      • write a clear, concise list of exactly what we want the new contributor to do
      • apply relevant tags to the issue on gitlab
    • Can also create kanban boards filtered by label 'contributor-invite'
  • spike: Moving demo server's configuration from Ansible to Terraform (Joseph)
  • Will be ready to test NanoPi boards from 2nd week of November (Joseph)

    • Sunil didn't recieve Rock64 board yet, will need to follow up
  • WireGuard (sunil)

    • Will continue work on it this week
  • Gitweb
    • Veiko's code quality and attention to detail has been impressive.
  • Maintainerships idea
    • we can add information in the app page for gitweb which notes that it is maintained by veiko, to give him credit for his good work.
    • We can assign maintainerships to others who work on specific apps
    • can discuss at the summit