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   * https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/plinth/issues/1252    * https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox/issues/1252

Progress call: 17:00 UTC

  • Update on backup-epic branch review (sunil)
    • Available to normal users? possible security concern
    • Plan to merge in next release
    • Then AWS EC2 image can be advertised for use, with option to migrate to self-hosted
  • Future work for backups (sunil)
    • Plan to exploe tahoe-lafs for distributed backups.
    • Automatically schedule backups
    • Encrypted backups
    • Use snapshots to avoid needing to stop services
    • Improve UX
    • Full-disk backup
  • Launch of cloud instances (sunil, joseph)
    • Regularly publishing EC2 AMI image, listed in community images
    • minor issues in current image
      • Apt cache is empty when started, workaround available.
    • Current backup is app data only, should be independent of architecture
    • Only testing image is currently available
    • Plan to add stable image after buster release
    • Videos on how to launch an instance, how to migrate to home
    • Add content on freedombox.org
  • FreedomBox kits

    • Discussions with IDP (Institute for Digital Privacy) and DanubeTech

    • Discussion with Olimex stalled but should continue
  • Ebook server:
  • Discourse server
    • No work happened
    • Planned in next iteration