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   * https://gemmei.ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/debian-meetings/2018/miniconf-hamburg/2018-05-19/cadus.webm    * https://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2018/miniconf-hamburg/2018-05-19/cadus.webm

Hack call: 14:00 UTC

  • CI server is now using the new freedom-maker internal backend
  • CI server is now running BuildBot instead of GoCD

    • will update the infrastructure project with BuildBot config soon

  • check TODOs from Sunil on backup issue
  • FreedomBox contrib package

    • Ansible scripts to install nextcloud, etc.
    • No security updates
    • Not included by default, but available in contrib
  • Displaying information on USB removable storage
  • My full-time work at the FreedomBox Foundation (Danny)

    • Product & Development

    • Work includes:
      • regularly updating communications channels (social media)
      • implementing FreedomBox in various settings (e.g. universities)

      • creating educational material (infographics, videos, guides) about FreedomBox (e.g. how to implement, why a given audience needs it)

      • writing a newsletter from the foundation
      • attending conferences to represent FreedomBox

      • connecting users to developers
      • serving the developers:
        • my contact info: haidar [at] freedomboxfoundation [dot] org
        • Please email me if you ever have feedback, ideas, or something to say. I'm here to represent the developers and serve as a liaison
  • Introducing Gayathri (Danny)
    • Serving as a Localization Intern for the FreedomBox Foundation focusing on translating Hindi

    • Working from June to July
  • Splitting dev / support Matrix channels?
    • Current Matrix channel is #freedombox:matrix.org, bridged to IRC channel
    • Planning on Discourse instance for support forum
    • Most support requests are from IRC users
    • Suggestion is to add another IRC and Matrix channel for development topics
  • basic services missing in FreedomBox

    • simple hosting of web site, blog
    • real-time shared editing (etherpad-lite ITP)
    • streaming music/media (MediaGoblin package in experimental, PeerTube)

    • IoT (DomoticZ)
    • social networks (Mastodon, Pleroma RFP)
    • Mailpile (RFP)
  • email server on FreedomBox

  • Reaching out to orgs like: