Hack call: 14:00 UTC


Services needing Debian help

- Cockpit (for apache mod_proxy_wstunnel)

- Filetea (release version 0.1.18)

- Diaspora (will be removed on 15th August)

- SSO (mod_auth_pubtkt must be upgraded to the next release)

- django-bootstrap-forms (need to be upgraded to the latest django version, 1.11.3)


- More stories on UX improvement

Android App

- Designs

- Implementation

- Complementary to Plinth, picks user up even before Freedombox purchase, network discovery, launcher to simplify usage (e.g. illiterate users), Plinth as-is (in web browser)


- Functional tests for Plinth web interface

FreedomBox community deployment at Surappagudem

- Trying out the earlier Android App prototype

- Other apps https://code.swecha.org/freedombox/networks/wikis/home

WikiBook on FreedomBox community deployments (same as the above Wiki)

https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/FreedomBox_for_Communities We'll try to make this similar to http://wndw.net/

Communications and Outreach (Danny)

-Localization Lab partnership in progress, will be finalized by end of summer -Social media platform expansion (Mastodon, GNU Social)

-Yale Privacy Lab


Hi everyone, I'm Sean O'Brien and will be setting up FreedomBox at the Yale Law School as part of an initiative called Yale Privacy Lab https://privacylab.yale.edu

I'm familiar with Debian and FreedomBox and will be setting these up with Raspberry Pis.

The current plan is to have two Rasp Pi 3's, and focus on setting up Jabber/XMPP for our law students and legal clinics here, as well as Murmur for conference calls like this one. As time goes on, we'll be looking at more Web apps, perhaps GNU Social (we would be more interested in Mastodon, but I realize it's based on Ruby and would require installing more libraries).

I just got permission from our CTO at YLS to set these up officially in the server room at the law school, and we'll be doing two events showcasing FreedomBox:

For our part, the Android app would be great to get the word out on campus and make sure people connecting at Yale know the FBx's we set up exist on the network.

^ user: diggity in chat


jvalleroy's talk at Debconf: